Beginning Behavior Consulting Mentorship starts January 28

Beginning Behavior Consulting Mentorship starts January 28
Photo by Valerie Elash / Unsplash

Join the 8-week cohort beginning Jan. 28 ,2024.

Dive deep into the nuanced world of canine behavior, tailor-made for those with a professional stake in ensuring every dog has a good quality of life.

With this mentorship, you'll:

  • Refine and recognize your knowledge of animal behavior.
  • Decipher and differentiate between foundational training and advanced behavior modification techniques.
  • Unpack principles of behavior modification and their universal applications.
  • Master client communication: Set clear expectations and guide clients through complex decisions with confidence.
  • Craft comprehensive behavior plans that even the most novice pet client can confidently follow.
  • Strategize and assist: Empower clients to embrace rigorous plans and ensure consistent follow-through.

Benefit from the insights of Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, Sarah Filipiak. Sarah will unveil her secrets to ensuring client participation, efficient case organization, and impeccable communication. And, bring your current or apsirational animal behavior consulting cases to the table for a deep dive into behavior modification strategies and invaluable assessment tools.

🔍 What’s on the agenda?

  • Expand your knowledge of behavior modifications techniques.
  • Evaluate tricky behavior scenarios.
  • Discover your potential: Find out which cases you're set to conquer and which ones are your next big challenge!
  • Engage in lively, weekly live online group sessions to share, discuss, and evolve.

Come prepared with a client behavior case you would like to troubleshoot, or join us to listen and learn.

🌟 Reserve your spot now! Join us on this personal adventure and write your next chapter of dog behavior know-how.

This post was originally published Sept. 5, 2023. Updated Nov. 19, 2023.