Case study: The mouthy puppy + PDF handout

Case study: The mouthy puppy + PDF handout
Photo by Marius Cern / Unsplash

Let me tell you about Jonah.

Ben and Jonah are sitting on the couch. Susan is doing a few yoga stretches across the room while Ben watches football. Jonah runs to Susan, who coos at him before he jumps up and bites her in the behind. “Jonah!” she says sternly.

She smacks his nose with her hand, which has no effect on him – in fact, it seems to make the biting worse.

Jonah is a 12-week-old, intact male whippet puppy. Jonah bites. A lot. He mostly bites, or “mouths," when clients Susan and Ben are sitting on the couch together.

Jonah will also run to Susan and surprise her with a bite to the behind. With visitors, Jonah mouths their arms and nips at their faces. Susan and Ben brought Jonah home at 10 weeks from a breeder, who advised them to give him a swat on the face when he bites.

Check out the training plan for Jonah, below, and grab your free PDF handout on puppy biting at the end. It’s yours to distribute to any clients who can use it!