Dog Training 101: What every dog trainer should know

Dog Training 101: What every dog trainer should know

“I want to be a dog trainer, but where do I begin?”

Anyone can hand out business cards and start charging money to train dogs. There are no credentials or education required in the United States to become a dog trainer. Unfortunately, the general public often doesn’t realize this. Additionally, more trainers means more competition –- so knowing your stuff can really help a trainer stand out from the crowd.

The Association of Professional Dog Trainers has created this certificate course for anyone who is looking to become a dog trainer, as well as for those trainers who don’t yet know this vital information. Rather than teach you how to train a solid recall, run a group class, or address dog aggression, this course will feature the information a good dog trainer should know before doing any of that stuff -– before starting to offer services. We’ll go in-depth into the history of dog training, current training methods, dog behavior and body language, credentialing and how to approach our human clients’ behavior.

Level of Knowledge

  1. Anyone thinking of becoming a dog trainer
  2. Any dog trainer just starting out
  3. Any dog trainer who does not know this information

Learning Outcomes

  1. Evaluate the evolution and behavior of wolves and the domestic dog
  2. Assess the advantages and disadvantages of various dog training techniques and recognize when (and when not) to apply each
  3. Analyze available education, membership, and credentialing resources and identify which is best for you
  4. Identify what it means to be qualified and skilled, as well as your own limitations and abilities
  5. Create a concrete course of action toward working as a dog trainer

The next session of this online certificate course begins in October 2022. Visit for more information.