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Puppy class curriculum
If you’d like to add puppy training classes to your offerings, or want new ideas for your existing puppy classes, this fully-scripted, four-week program is all yours. Access now - $6/monthFun, fully-scripted, and easy to follow, our four-week puppy training class curriculum written by a Certified Do…
Basic Manners Course: Start here
This step-by-step curriculum is designed to help improve your dog’s behavior.
Wait at Door: Start here
How do we teach our furred friends to wait for permission to go out the door? How do we prevent others from leaving doors open, or pausing at the door while waving good-bye, or letting the screen door fly open when it’s windy?
Case study: The mouthy puppy + PDF handout
Read this case study about how a professional trainer teaches a mouthy puppy appropriate play and basic obedience, so he has something to do with people other than biting them.